Update On ISIS

I was reading an article from Reuters on the new US involvement in Iraq – imo it’s a very positive development. The world won’t run itself without our interference, especially when we are facing problems that can be at least partially influenced by our military force. Anyway, the following quote caught my eye – it’s from an ISIS leader who is commenting on the first couple of US airstrikes;

“The planes attack positions they think are strategic, but this is not how we operate. We are trained for guerrilla street war,” he said. “God is with us and our promise is heaven. When we are promised heaven, do you think death will stop us?”

Unfortunately this is a typical extremist Islamic position, and when I say extremist, that doesn’t mean that there are only a few of them. Many Muslims are “good” people, to the degree that any of us are good. They are as good as you and me, or better in regard to morality. They don’t steal, lie, rob or kill people. But there’s a large number of believers in Allah who look at Islam from the “I must be a martyr to see God” viewpoint. It’s a culture of death, very weird from a Western ideology, but it exists.

Their worldview is so diametrically opposed to ours (a Western worldview) that there can be no discussions that will resolve the differences. It’s just like the Islamic invasion of Spain in 711 AD that conquered most of Spain and France that wasn’t finally repulsed until 975 AD. Islamic believers are instructed to conquer the world, and that includes us.

If anyone still needs to be convinced of the danger of extremist Islamic thought, here’s a thought provoking interview with an unsuccessful suicide bomber;



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