Middle East peace negotiations are a shadow of the future ….

The current (Dec 2013) round of Israeli/Palestinian peace talks are covered with the fingerprints and shadows of the end-time dictator described in the Bible as the antichrist. Just look at the following map of Defensible Borders as defined by the US Joint Chief of Staffs (USJCoS) – the highest military authority in the USA;

The above red coloured territory on the map should be included within Israel’s borders as per the USJCoS. But under the current Kerry/Obama peace plan, all of that land is assigned to the new Palestinian state!

Are Kerry and Obama serious about this division of land and expecting Israel to sign on the dotted line? There is no security for Israel within these borders. The central part of the country which contains the most populous city, Tel Aviv, is squeezed into a ludicrously narrow strip of land. And don’t forget, as if anyone could, that they are surrounded by enemies who continuously announce their ongoing intention to “wipe Israel off the map”. With these indefensible borders no doubt they will attempt to do just that as soon as the ink on the peace treaty is dry.

How does this bring the end-times and the Bible to mind? Let’s read the following quote from the Book of Daniel written in 539 BC;

“He (the antichrist) will confirm a covenant (a treaty) with many (nations, especially Israel) for one (period of ) seven (years). In the middle of the seven (after 3 1/2 years) he will put an end to sacrifice and offering (the ceremonies in the Jewish Temple). And at the temple (which has been rebuilt – the 3rd Temple) he will set up an abomination (he will declare himself to be god) that causes desolation, until the end (after 7 years) that is decreed is poured out on him (destruction and punishment).” Daniel 9:27. (1)

Current events in the negotiations between the Israeli and Palestinian representatives, which are being forced upon both parties by the US and BDS activities (2), eerily echo Daniel’s prophecy. On Monday December 30th, 2013, the Israeli Minister of Justice, Tzipi Livni, one of Israel’s negotiators, made the following statement regarding a possible collapse of the talks;

“The question is not whether or not there is a partner [for peace]. We need to set a goal and act, and if there is no Palestinian partner – we must sign an agreement with the world,” she said.” (my emphasis) (3).

Sign an agreement with the world! And such a situation could indeed occur, but only if there is a leader who is charismatic and persuasive enough to convince both sides that he has the authority and power to make stand such an agreement. Or perhaps covenant would be a better word for it? Just as Daniel prophecied over 2,500 years ago … “he will confirm a covenant … for 7 years”.

Normally one would be inclined to say, what’s wrong with a powerful, convincing and influential leader coming forward, at just this point perhaps, and convincing everyone involved; Israel, the Palestinians, the USA, Russia, the EU and the Arab League to sign a peace treaty (a covenant) that will guarantee everyone’s security in the Middle East for the next 7 years? It’s great, except for the catch – this leader has more than one name. I can’t tell you what name he (and it will be a he) will use initially. I can only tell you the names that the Bible uses for him, and they aren’t what you would exactly call complimentary. Here are a few of them;

– The man of sin.

– The antichrist.

– The son of perdition (spiritual ruin).

Although he will convince these enemy countries to sign a peace treaty for 7 years, it will only last for the first 3 1/2 years. He will allow Israel to rebuild it’s Temple in Jerusalem, and permit them to re-initiate their religious ceremonies and sacrifices in it, but after the first half of the treaty is complete, all hell will literally break loose on Earth. The Bible describes this last 3 1/2 year period as the Great Tribulation, a period of such horrific disturbance that if it were not cut short by God himself, not one person would be left alive.

The Bible warns us to watch out for this man of sin – he will arise quickly, using and leading a 10 nation confederacy as his base of power. Tzipi Livni unknowingly lined herself up with both Hebrew Bible and New Testament prophecy by suggesting that it may be necessary to sign an agreement with a leader who will seek to control the world.



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